Stock Market Screener

Many tools are made available for investors to help them succeed in meeting their goals. Since the beginning of the internet, these tools are on the rise, and many people use these tools on the internet for free. A stock market screener is an important tool that investors use to search for specific stocks. Stocks can be screened by price, volume, fundamentals, technical aspects and even exchange and industry. Screening stocks by price allows the investor to enter in a certain price range in order to find stocks at those input prices. For example, if the investor wants to find stocks that are priced anywhere from $20 to $50, they can do so by entering in those amounts. The stock market screener will then display all stocks in between those prices.

Stocks can also be searched by using specific selections of percentage during a period of 5, 10 and 15 minutes. A stock market screener also allows the investor to search stocks by volume. The investor does this by entering in a range of shares. For example, if the investor wants to find a stock that has 100 to 200 shares, they can enter in those figures. The stock market screener will then bring up all stocks that fit this bill. Volume screening also can be done by specific sessions as well. The fundamentals of stocks can also be screened. Investors can search stocks by a range of P/E information and even a range of the total market capitalization.

A stock market screener provides one of the most valuable tools that investors often look for when searching out opportunities in the stock market. The technical tool of a market screener gives the investor the opportunity to seek out stocks by performance. These performances can be searched even deeper by selecting the period of days of performance as well as the percentage of performances. Finally, stocks can be searched by their exchange and industry. Investors can seek out stocks in specific markets as well.

The flexibility that a stock market screener gives the investor while searching will present new opportunities that may have been missed earlier. A lot of research goes into searching the right stocks before investing. In order for the investor to create a plan of attack, they must find out what stocks will help fit their plan. All stocks perform differently, which means they all will not fit every investor’s specific goals that they are attempting to achieve.

Giving the investors the options to search stocks by entering in specific parameters that they define is extremely valuable. A stock market screener can be found anywhere online, but they are also available to be installed locally on your PC. Using these sites and software is imperative for any investor’s success. Without using a stock market screener, how would the investor find the right stocks to fit their strategy? A stock market screener is not just for new investors. Experienced investors always use a stock market screener when analyzing opportunities and devising strategic investment plans.

Trading strategies totally depend on a stock market screening tool. In fact, it is said that the foundation of any well planned strategy is an accurate stock market screener. Once the investor has created a plan of attack with their investment ideas, they can then use a stock market screener to seek out and locate stocks that fit their overall goals. Stock market screeners cut down a significant amount of research time that many investors value. Pinpointing specific stocks with marksmanship accuracy is one of the first steps to get familiarized when starting out as an investor.

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