Stock Market Investing for Dummies

If you are interested in the stock market but don’t know where or how to begin, you have several options. You can head to a stockbroker and have them do all the work for you. While this appeals to some, other people would rather handle their own money and make their own investing decisions. Of course this takes knowledge if you want to make rather than lose money. There are all kinds of helpful books out there, including Stock Market Investing for Dummies. The For Dummies series covers all kinds of different how-to topics with investing being just one of them. It is a highly recommended book for investment beginners.

This book is rated as easy to follow along with, and contains time-tested methods that teach you how to become a savvy investor. Some of the things you’ll learn include how to choose a broker,  (if you decide to go this route) how to choose stocks that will perform well, and how to know the right — and wrong times to invest. You will learn how to build a winning portfolio of stocks in any market. And, you don’t have to worry about confusing industry jargon as this book is written for the beginner.

You’ll learn when to invest and when to get out of an investment situation. Included in this book is handy cheat sheet that you can tear out for easy reference. The book is packed with icons, sidebars and other aids. There are handy top ten lists and so much more. And, while learning how to invest can get boring, this book adds a bit of lightheartedness to the subject. You can purchase this book at most any bookstore or online at sites like Amazon.

In addition to books like this one, there is a wealth of information about stock market investing online. And, there are many websites that are online brokerage firms. You can actually open an account and trade on your own, in real time for a fee. This is something you should only attempt once you have a strong grasp on how, when and what to trade. For beginners, building a conservative long-term portfolio is a good strategy. Once that is in place, you will be more educated, have an investment foundation and perhaps decide to try some riskier investments.

One of the best pieces of advice that you may learn in Stock Market Investing for Dummies, or any other book on the subject, is not to spend money you can’t afford on investing. Put aside funds that are for investment purposes only, that way if you lose money it will not devastate your savings account or money earmarked for other important purposes. Learning how to invest in the stock market can be exciting, and is a skill that can be valuable for the rest of your life. It is one way to take some control of your finances and help your money work for you.

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