Global Penny Stocks

Unlike many penny stocks sites on the web, Global Penny Stocks does not broker the sale of the actual stocks. Rather it is a newsletter by subscription that recommends particular penny stocks based on an analysis of the market. Founded by George Schlieben, Global Penny Stocks went live online in 1996 and to date 70% of their ‘closed positions’ have netted a gain of at least 50%. In fact, this is the only site of its kind that can boast being recommended by both Barron’s and Forbes. If you are interested in learning more about penny stocks it might be a good investment to subscribe to the Global Penny Stocks online newsletter.

About George Schlieben
For more than two decades George Schlieben has been publishing information on penny stocks. In the 1980’s he released several periodicals entitled:

  • Low Priced Stock Digest
  • Penny Stock Preview
  • Penny Stock Magazine
  • Speculators Magazine

Then in 1996 the online newsletter, Global Penny Stocks was launched. The purpose of the newsletter is to educate investors on penny stocks, analyze the market and make recommendations based on stocks they are buying and selling themselves.

Sound Advice from Global Penny Stocks
There are actually a few main pieces of advice that are predominant on the newsletter’s website that should be the foundation for any penny stock investment strategy. Perhaps one of the most important is that the new investor should never place all of his or her investment capital in penny stocks as there is a certain amount of risk in them. Many are new companies while others are those that have lost value sometimes through poor management and/or business models. While George believes that he can show you how to minimize risk there is always that danger. For this reason he believes you should never invest more than ten to twelve percent of your total investment capital in them.

The Truth about Penny Stocks
One of the things you will read about on the Global Penny Stocks website is that you should expect to take some losses. Some sites will tell you that penny stocks will make you rich and then there are those that tell you that you will lose your shirt with penny stocks. If you take the time to understand them then it is true that you can make a good deal of money investing in them. However, you should also be aware of the fact that sometimes you will realize significant losses as well. (This is why you are advised never to invest more than 12% of your investment capital in them!)

Information about Recommendations
At any given moment there are a great number of open recommendations on the Global Penny Stocks website that are chosen from a wide array of industries. Everything from technology to commodities is represented in their investment portfolio and usually you will see more than 60 different stocks listed. As each is closed the website will also tell you whether they represent a loss or a gain. Since greater than 70% of the company’s closed positions realized a gain of greater than 50% their recommendations are worth looking at.

All stocks recommended by the Global Penny Stocks subscription based newsletter trade under $5 and many of them are even under $1. Unlike other subscription based newsletters you will not be subjected to an automatic renewal when the subscription period is over. There is a complete FAQ section on the website where you will find further information on the services available with an annual subscription.

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