Dividend Paying Funds

There is no doubt that a number of investors are actively pursuing dividends and funds which pay out. If you are someone who is currently living on a fixed income and in need of a way to earn more money and establish a steady stream of supplemental income, it might be a good idea to look into all of the different funds which are yielding great returns right now. Dividend investing can in fact be quite complex and fraught with a number of issues, which is why it is so important that you take the time to look at all of the facts and not be mislead by supposedly accurate figures. If you are looking to really earn a decent amount each year it is highly recommended that you seek out only bonds that are able to give you decent yields which you will be able to use for supplementing your current income.

One thing that all investors have to watch out for is risk, because it is certainly something that is present with every kind of investment. You will be able to use certain online screeners which are available on numerous websites and they will be able to give you the kind of information that you are looking for when it comes to dividend-paying funds. Vanguard Dividend Growth is one of the best options out there for those who are looking for funds that really pay out. You will want to take into consideration the fact that Donald Kilbride who manages this particular fund sticks to a consistent strategy that makes for a low-risk investment. There is a decent cash flow and low valuations in this fund which leave you with an extremely viable option when it comes to which fund you are going to choose.

T. Rowe Price Equity Income or simply PRFDX is another fund with a manager that you will be able to trust because he has plenty of experience working for him. Brian Rogers is in charge of the fund and has been running it for 25 years now. Rogers is one of the few true investors left and he has a complete team of analysts who really know what they are doing; they always look for companies which are trading cheaply while keeping in mind the firm’s overall ability to pay income. Rogers is also good at finding certain stocks which have temporarily suffering so the fund as a whole will be able to benefit. There is no doubt that the manager of this fund gives its investors the absolute best chance of making the most amount of money, so you will definitely want to seriously consider it before making a final decision.

Bridgeway Large-Cap Value or BRLVX is another option that you will certainly want to think about, as it has a founder and head manager who utilizes accurate quantitative models to find inexpensive companies which have immense potential with regards to overall growth. John Montgomery has been heading this fund for years and he has certainly proven that he knows what he is doing. Although it is true that certain funds which have been lead by Bridgeway have failed to produce results for investors, this one is currently doing much better than a vast majority of funds in this category.

There is no doubt that Bridgeway is one of the leading funds in terms of the returns that its investors see and they are long-term so those who are seeking to save up money for their retirement will certainly want to consider this fund as an option. The management for this fund makes keeping all expenses and taxable distributions to an absolute minimum so you do not have to pay more than is necessary and you will be able to see big returns right away. Although it’s true that there are a lot of these dividend paying funds out there, Bridgeway is by far one of the best and worth considering if you are looking for a solid investment.

It is critical to make sure that before you decide on investing in any fund that you collect all the necessary data and take a careful look at how each one is managed, because these will be important factors in determining how successful they will be for you. If your goal is big returns over a long period of time like everyone else, you will definitely need to look into this kind of information as much as possible in order to get the most out of the money you put in.

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