BlackRock Mutual Funds

When looking for investment products, whether they are mutual funds, ETFs or any other type of pooled investment product, the best place to look is with a company that has a broad and extensive portfolio along with a proven growth rate. BlackRock Solutions is actually, as of 2010, one of the top 100 fastest growing companies on the Fortune list and has investment products on a global scale that leads the industry in iShares ETFs. The key to their success is their belief that their clients’ needs are of supreme importance. If you are a solid investment in mutual funds, BlackRock mutual funds are a ‘rock’ solid investment.

Tailored Investment Strategies

Unlike many investment companies, BlackRock goes beyond offering an array of investment products. They adapt investment strategies to the investor so that investments can be as aggressive or passive as needed. They have a solid Risk Assessment team that will help to analyze the investors’ goals and needs along with the amount of risk that each particular investor can and/or should carry. They help investors weigh risk against opportunity in order to achieve the best balance. Therefore, BlackRock mutual funds are tailored to the investor and not the other way around.

Huge Spread of Investment Products

One of the things to consider about any investment company is their own personal assets. As an industry leader in ETFs, you can be certain that BlackRock has a solid investment strategy. Their assets, as of September, 2010 totaled approximately $3.5 trillion USD spread across fixed income, equity, alternate investment, cash management, advisory strategies and real estate. With more than 8,500 professionals spanning 24 countries, BlackRock mutual funds are available on a truly global level.

Global Clientele
Assets are managed for clients in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and of course the United States. BlackRock mutual funds are just part of a huge portfolio of investment products available. In fact, Blackrock’s client base includes public, corporate, industry and union pension plans, governments, third party mutual funds, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, charities, official institutions, corporations, banks, sovereign wealth funds, financial professionals and private individuals around the globe.

Focus on Commitment to Clients

It is interesting to note that the structure of BlackRock is designed in such a way as to allow them to maintain the independence they feel is necessary to focus on client commitments. As a result, there is no one majority stockholder and there is a majority of independent directors. Some big names you may be familiar with own shares in BlackRock, including Merrill Lynch & Co.(7.1%), Barclays PLC (19.7%) and PNC Financial Services Group (20.3%). All remaining shares are owned by individual investors and BlackRock employees.

Industry Leader in Risk & Analysis
BlackRock mutual funds are held to be a truly safe investment product because of the company’s Risk & Quantitative Analysis Group that approaches market analysis from a global perspective with a regional orientation. Although they recognize that you can never eliminate 100% of all risks, their structure allows for the team to apply best practices globally while working with individual portfolio managers through a hands-on approach. They strive to make sure client portfolios are consistent with their objectives while ensuring that any risks are fully understood.

Mutual funds are usually held to be among the safest investment products on the market if managed properly, and BlackRock has the team of financial and risk management professionals on staff to work toward that goal. If you are looking for mutual funds, BlackRock mutual funds are about as safe as you will get while being aggressive and competitive to realize maximum gain.

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