Bail Bond Process

Bail bonds, also known as surety bonds, allow a defendant to be freed from jail while ensuring they will appear at their court hearing. The first thing that happens is the arrest. After being arrested for a violation of some sort, an individual is transported to the area police station to be booked. At this time, the bail amount will be set. Also during this time the individual’s background and criminal record will be checked, they will be fingerprinted and photographed, and their belongings will be taken from them and held by the jail until their release.

One of the myths about being arrested is that the criminal gets one phone call. While they do eventually get to make one phone call, they may not be permitted to do so as soon as they are arrested. Sometimes they must wait for hours in their cell, depending on policies and circumstances. Before being placed in their cell, their shoes are removed and they are usually given sanitary booties.

Getting released from jail is where the bail bond process takes place. Once the jailed individual has called the person of their choice to get them out of jail, the individual who may be a family member, friend or even lawyer will call a bail bond company. They will be asked to provide basic information about the detainee such as what they are charged with and how long they have been in jail. To buy a bail bond, one must sign a variety of documents including an application, Indemnity agreement and the receipt.

Following purchase and processing of the bond, the agent will post the bond at the jail. It may take several hours from the time of posting to the release of the detainee. It is customary for the bail bonds company to charge the buyer 10 percent of the bail amount. The company is risking their own money by promising the jail that the defendant will be in court when they are supposed to be. If the defendant does not appear in court, the bail company must pay and will see that the criminal is brought to court. The person who purchased the bond will be responsible for paying the bail company the full amount owed.

Therefore, it is very important that the arrested individual appears at their court hearing. If you are confident they will do so, then purchasing a bond is the fastest way to get them out of jail. The release process can take awhile, however, depending on how busy the jail is. The computer is updated with the release information, the jailed individual is released from their cell, given their personal belongings as well as paperwork that tells them what they are being charged with and when and where their court hearing will be.

This is the bail bond process in a nutshell. Hopefully most people will never need to buy a bail bond, but if you do there are plenty of bond companies available. No company can guarantee how long it can take between the purchase of the bond and the release from jail, this depends on the size of the jail and how much activity is going on at the time.

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